Negotiate Shared Understanding.


Peter Drucker famously wrote, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." If strategy is the "what," then culture is the "why," and no strategy can be successful without the appropriate cultural scaffolding to support its implementation.


Culture is what we value, what we believe, and our reasons for doing what we do. It is the unwritten rules that afford organizational efficiency while guiding behavior and offering direction.


As important as it is, culture is notoriously hard to assess and even harder to redirect and nurture. Most often, there are large disconnects between organizational values as stated and the behaviors that communicate these values to others. Leaders rarely have direct access to the levers required to shape cultural change on their own.


Cooperation Science can help you find clarity in your organization's current culture and prime your culture for change. We help leaders listen intently to their people. We work with your entire organization to develop a spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility for shaping the future. Along with leadership, we insure that your purpose, and the implications of this purpose for decision-making, are clear to everyone that represents your organization. Together, we negotiate shared understanding.



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