The Essential Craft

of Cooperation.

A full picture of any organization, a pragmatic insight into how people cooperate to accomplish anything of significance together,  requires an in depth understanding of three fundamental elements of organizational dynamics: strategy, culture, and conflict.





Even though most leaders are immersed in their organizations and highly committed to success, it is hard to see the full picture of strategy, culture and conflict from the inside. Their view of context is often shaped by strategy rather than the other way around. The longer they are immersed, the more they tend to cling to cultural history and the status quo. And conflict is often seen as something to be resolved rather than managed.


Cooperation Science offers a unique combination of strategic thinking, mixed method research, and proprietary analytics, along with a deep understanding of how people make decisions together, to help our clients make their stories manifest, to see clearly the context in which they operate, and to collaboratively design for the future.



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