What Matters



We see strategy as an ongoing conversation...a conversation designed to address the challenges and the opportunities of the future.


“Everyone designs who devises

courses of action aimed at changing

existing situations into preferred ones.”

Herbert Simon


How is strategic design different from traditional notions of planning?


Strategic planning tends to be periodic, as in annual plans or five year plans, while a design mindset tends to think of strategy as something that is continuous and ongoing rather than discrete.


Whereas strategic planning tends to be dominantly top-down, strategic design thinking is emergent and empathy focused - with many stakeholders, inside and outside of the organization, having a voice.


The objectives of strategic planning are most often highly aspirational, major goals. But strategic design is adaptive - more apt to tweak around the edges, looking for smaller wins that can then be replicated across the organization.


Cooperation Science can help your organization rethink strategic practice. We curate context and map both internal and external narrative. We honor history while anticipating the future. We help leaders ask hard questions and facilitate working groups to make some choices and arrive at possibility. In collaboration with your team, we craft a strategic narrative for your organization's future, and we help you tell this new story to all with a stake in that future. Together, we focus on what matters most.



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