Our world continues to be defined by increasing complexity.


Changes in society, shifts in stakeholder expectations, and rapid technological advances require that organizations of all types clarify their values, rethink their strategies, and learn new ways of doing business. Leaders face significant hurdles, the toughest of which may be motivating people throughout their organizations to embrace change and face the adaptive demands of the future.


Deeply held beliefs are being challenged. The ideas that once made many organizations successful are becoming less relevant. But competing alternatives often share legitimacy, with no clear "right" answer emerging.


Modern leadership is thus less about providing solutions, and more about asking hard questions and about creating conditions in which the collective intelligence of the whole organization can craft a shared way forward. We're better together.


The good news is that, as humans, the group decision-making skills necessary to navigate this new territory and to produce mutual benefit are hardwired into every one of us. We need only bring out the best in each other.


This path for accomplishing great things together is the essential craft of cooperation.



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